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Due To the necessary precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 as advised by the government.  The Active Chiropractic Clinic is closed for a short duration. As a responsible health provider we put your safety at the first.

Welcome to our friendly professional Chiropractic service based in a convenient location near the Staffordshire Police Headquarters, Stafford. We are specialised in the diagnosis and management of low back, neck and joint pain. Most people will suffer several episodes of back pain during their lives characterised as painful, debilitating and persistent pain with some people having repeated regular episodes. Onset of back pain can vary from a specific incident, such as a awkward lifting injury or a result of poor posture from uncomfortable working position. We can help you and your family to not only relieve your pain but get you back to feeling your best using traditional and advanced techniques and equipment. Give your body the best opportunity to achieve this through Active Chiropractic care. Be the best you can be!

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